4 things Becky Lynch could’ve done

Suffering from an arm injury, Becky Lynch is expected to miss the upcoming WWE Clash at the Castle Premium Live Event. She has been out of action since her SummerSlam bout against Bianca Belair for the RAW Women’s Championship.

The Irish lady could have played a huge role in the matches in Cardiff, tilting the odds towards the side she favors. Big Time Becks recently turned babyface and any involvement in the upcoming event would have met a huge pop from the audience.

In this list, we will look at four things Becky Lynch could have done at Clash at the Castle.

#4. Deliver a promo regarding her WWE return

Becky delivered an awesome promo on RAW
Becky delivered an awesome promo on RAW

WWE disclosed that Becky Lynch is expected to be out of action for several months. Yet, there hasn’t been a clear update on when she will return.

The 6-time Women’s Champion could have revealed more details regarding her comeback at Clash at the Castle. Even if she didn’t have any news regarding her recovery, her assuring promo would have energized the crowd in Cardiff. The newly turned babyface needs some empathy and the upcoming event may have been the perfect time for such.

Declaring her future comeback, Big Time Becks would also have directed some words to Bianca Belair. She surely wouldn’t have forgotten her fight at SummerSlam and a rematch against The EST of WWE in the future is probably what’s on her mind.

#3. Ambush Bayley after the Clash at the Castle match


An assault by Bayley and her gang wrote Becky off WWE television. The RAW segment featured the heelish trio attacking Big Time Becks backstage and targeting her injured arm.

WWE could have allowed Becky Lynch to get her revenge at Clash at the Castle. While physically assaulting her attackers is impossible, she would have used other methods to get herself even. In the past, WWE has shown vehicles as a means to knock out superstars, and Big Time Becks might have reverted to the traditional Attitude Era mode of vengeance.

In another case, Becky Lynch could have distracted Bayley, IYO SKY and Dakota Kai after their apparent victory, paving the way for an ambush by Bianca Belair’s team. This would have highlighted that the fight for “control” is still on and things are about to get more extreme in the future.

#2. Help Asuka, Alexa Bliss and Bianca Belair in their win

Blockbuster match set for Clash at the Castle
Blockbuster match set for Clash at the Castle

At SummerSlam, Becky Lynch teased a team-up with Bianca Belair after being confronted by Bayley, IYO SKY and Dakota Kai. However, the plans took a backseat due to her injury.

She could still have played a vital role at Clash at the Castle by helping the babyfaces in their six-woman tag team match. A major distraction from Becky’s arrival would have allowed Bianca’s team to capitalize and snatch a victory. Unfortunately, there are no substantial reports of her return and such a scenario is unlikely to unfold.

However, an in-person appearance isn’t necessary to make an impact at Clash at the Castle. Becky Lynch can cut a promo on the live screen to distract the heels during their tag team match.

#1. Becky Lynch helps Seth Rollins pull off a shocking victory against Riddle

The latest RAW promo featured Seth Rollins and Riddle having an online war of words before their Clash at the Castle showdown. Unsurprisingly, things got heated and both arch-rivals got really personal in their attacks.

Riddle jibed first by calling Becky Lynch the only “Man” in the house, while Seth retaliated by recalling Riddle’s divorce. WWE has done well in bringing up the real-life heat between the two feuding superstars. They could have notched it up a bit by involving Big Time Becks.

Becky Lynch returning to her husband’s aid would have been surreal. It has been years since “Rollynch” reunited to take down a common enemy. Her distraction would have caused The Visionary to end his streak of losses against The Original Bro. The addition may have benefited WWE as the rivalry between Rollins and Riddle is becoming stale.

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