5 things not to buy in GTA Online weekly update 

GTA Online’s weekly update added some fresh changes to the newly launched Criminal Enterprises DLC. While it brings some noteworthy offers and deals, they seem lukewarm in comparison to last week’s offerings by Rockstar Games.

From property discounts to vehicles on sale, this weekly update presents a few opportunities for GTA Online players looking to spend their cash.

However, some of the items on sale are not necessarily worth a purchase. Here are five things players should avoid buying after the September 1 weekly update.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer’s opinions.

Five things to avoid buying after GTA Online’s September 1 update

1) Dune FAV Car


The BF Dune FAV (Fast Attack Vehicle) is an armed variant of the Dune Buggy in GTA Online. It went on sale after the September 1 weekly update for $1,130,500 and can also be bought at a trade price of $510,000.

While it is an upgraded version of the regular variant, it is still not worth spending a million or half a million on. The lack of armor makes the vehicle vulnerable to collisions, firearms, and explosives. Passengers are also vulnerable to gunfire as there is no cover around the cabin.

2) Baller ST


The Gallivanter Baller ST is a luxury SUV in GTA Online. The original price of this vehicle is $890,000, with a trade price of $667,500. Currently, it is available for a trade price of $467,250 on the Legendary Motorsport website.

It is a stylish-looking luxury car with space for three more passengers. However, the vehicle’s performance is not good enough to make it a “must-have.” While players can use it for a casual ride around the map at adequate speeds, it does not feature any armor to save the driver or passengers from bullets.

3) Vapid Desert Raid


The Vapid Desert Raid is an off-road trophy truck in GTA Online. The original price of the vehicle is $695,000, and it is currently available for $417,000 on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website.

Although this car has no grievous downsides and is a decently capable off-road vehicle, it, unfortunately, pales in comparison to other offerings in the segment. Players should consider buying the Pfister Comet Safari, which is also on sale if they are planning to get an off-road vehicle.

4) Bunker Renovations


Bunkers are a great business in GTA Online, and players can make a lot of money from them. However, to fully utilize the bunker and its potential, it needs to be upgraded, and it needs to be upgraded right.

Currently, bunkers are on 40% sale in the game. Players who do not own it should definitely grab this deal. However, when it comes to renovations, players should avoid purchases like personal quarters, shooting range, transportation, etc. Spending hard-earned money on these things will not provide any drastic changes as players will be inside the property for a limited period of time.

5) Mamba


The Declasse Mamba is a classic roadster car in GTA Online. This week, it is available as a Prize Ride at the Los Santos Car Meet. Although the car is free, players should reconsider before taking part in the race missions that are required to win it.

Players need to be in the top two places in the Pursuit Series race for two days. Time is money in GTA Online, and although Mamba is an aesthetically pleasing car, it is not worth the time and effort taken to grind out the objective.

The vehicle has limited traction, meaning it takes a relatively long time to stop and launch without wheelspin. It has fragile durability and can only take a couple of hard collisions, after which the car’s performance degrades.

Players can better spend their time grinding out heists or sell missions and purchasing this car with the leftover money if they’re so inclined.

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