Ahri ASU will make its way to League of Legends in 2023

The ASU changes of League of Legends‘ Ahri have been something that the developers have been planning for some time now. The Nine-Tailed fox is currently one of the most favored mid-lane champions in both pro play and standard matchmaking.

Ahri has seen a steady rise in popularity since the rework, which has made her a viable choice in the season 12 meta. Riot Games had also announced that Ahri would receive some art and sustainability updates (ASU) later on.

However, the developers did not provide any additional details, apart from a tiny sneak peek of the in-game model that was shown in the Pride Month teaser in June.


In a recent developer’s blog, Riot Games revealed the roadmap for League of Legends for preseason 2023 and the champions that the community can expect to hit the Rift in early 2023.

The reveal showcased Ahri’s basic appearance and noted that the ASU will be delayed somewhat. Instead of dropping in 2022, it will be going into next season.

Ahri’s League of Legends ASU gets its first visual showcase


In the video, Riot Reav3 revealed Nine-Tailed Fox’s final basic appearance, which was aimed at updating her current attire and providing her character model with new textures. Major details were added to her tails and dress, and the particles for her abilities have been updated.

The clip showcased her new animations such as how she looks when she is idle, running, and using her W ability.

During the showcase, Reav3 mentioned that while the ASU has been planned for some time now, the changes will not be going live any time soon and the update has been pushed back.


This is due to the fact that Ahri’s incredible number of skins and cosmetic lineup has made it very hard for the developers to patch all the updates in time.

Ahri is one of the most popular characters in LoL, which is a major reason why Riot Games has provided her with a good number of skins and cosmetics. Making the ASU changes to each skin is a Herculean task, thus the update could likely go live in spring.

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