Carl Pie: Nothing CEO Carl Pei mocks Apple Vision Pro headset, here what he said

Apple showcased its much-anticipated mixed reality headset — Vision Pro at WWDC 2023. Apple’s first ever mixed reality headset — Apple Vision Pro is a spatial computing device. According to Apple, Vision Pro introduces a revolutionary canvas for apps that expands beyond the limitations of a conventional display. This new technology enables a fully immersive three-dimensional user interface, seamlessly controlled by the user’s eyes, hands and voice, offering the most natural and intuitive inputs imaginable.
Many users and companies were impressed with the functionality and design of Apple Vision Pro. However, Nothing CEO, Carl Pie had a slightly different take about the device. After the launch of Apple Vision Pro, Pie took to Twitter to mock the mixed reality headset.
Carl Pie posted a meme on Twitter mocking the first ever mixed reality headset from Apple. Here’s what Carl Pie tweeted:

While there is a significant disagreement with Pei’s viewpoint, leading to online trolling of Apple, there are also many individuals labeling the post by Nothing’s CEO as a ‘jealous tweet’. Here are some of the reactions people posted in reply to Pie’s tweet.

Apple Vision Pro
Vision Pro showcases a display system with an incredibly high resolution, boasting a total of 23 million pixels spread across two displays. With a distinctive dual-chip design and custom Apple silicon, this technology guarantees a truly immersive experience that feels as if it’s unfolding right in front of the user’s eyes, in real time. Apple Vision Pro enables users to capture, revisit, and fully immerse themselves in their cherished memories, enhanced by the addition of Spatial Audio. By accessing their complete photo library on iCloud, users can now enjoy their photos and videos at a life-size scale, amplifying the overall visual experience.

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