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Opinion: Trump’s ego and greed help divide a sport

Long his passion, the game has been roiled by controversy over a new tour (comparable to a league) that’s backed by a Saudi sovereign wealth fund. Players must choose between tradition and the big money offered by this new tour, burdened with the association with Saudi Arabia’s appalling human rights …

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Opinion: Chipping away at globalization is a smart move

The bill which aims to restore American leadership in manufacturing advanced semiconductors, the cutting-edge computer chips in everything from smartphones to airplanes, was backed by a bipartisan vote (64 to 33). It provides semiconductor producers with more than $70 billion to build new chip factories, called foundries, in the US. …

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Next sign of the market apocalypse: Single-stock ETFs

Asset management firm AXS Investments recently launched funds that let investors make supersized bets on — or against — the daily performance of individual stocks. AXS now offers ETFs that use leverage, namely through exotic instruments known as derivatives contracts, to let traders get either a boosted long (bullish) or …

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