Dragon Ball mystery web anime to release in 2023, episode details revealed

A recent report from Twitter user and reputable Dragon Ball news source, @DBSChronicles (Chronicles), claims that two new projects are in the works for the franchise.

The projects are seemingly confirmed to be both a web anime and a television anime, with the latter’s currently available details being much more sparse than the former.

The tweet also claims that the web anime project will have an announcement soon, likely via the Dragon Ball video news segments with Victory Uchida, which the franchise regularly produces. This is, of course, unconfirmed speculation, but many of the series’ major announcements have been released this way in the past.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down the latest news on these upcoming Dragon Ball projects.

Dragon Ball TV anime to come sometime in the next few years

1. WEB Anime in 2023. Likely not a continuation of ‘Super’. Eps will be <23mins. Produced as weekly eps, may change later. New staff.Announcement soon.I confused this w/TV anime earlier 🥲2. TV Anime later. Maybe in 2023 itself or 40th anniv, dunno.More details later. twitter.com/AnimeAjay/stat… https://t.co/wb2NotGTTL

Chronicles’ tweet specified much more information for 2023’s web anime project as opposed to the TV anime project, which has no reliable release information at this time.

However, Chronicles estimates the TV project to come possibly in 2023 as well, or to be delayed until 2026 as a 40th anniversary project for Akira Toriyama’s original Dragon Ball manga series.

In the latter scenario, fans can expect one of two courses of action regarding the TV project. The first would see the project announced in 2025, with trailers and production information releasing throughout the year until a February 2026 premiere to celebrate the 40th anniversary.

The other scenario would likely see the project announced in February 2026 for the 40th anniversary, with the actual series coming sometime later.

Unfortunately, no other information about the TV anime is available at this time, or at least isn’t being shared by Chronicles and other sources at this time. Fortunately, plenty of information about the web anime project is available when considering that the information is technically a leak.

The web anime is apparently confirmed to be coming in 2023, with Chronicles not specifying any uncertainty about this release date. Episodes will allegedly be shorter than 23 minutes in length, and will be produced on a weekly basis.

Chronicles also specifies that “new staff” will be brought onboard for the project, suggesting the teams from Super and Heroes will likely not be involved.

Finally, Chronicles claims an announcement regarding the web anime project will be coming soon. This would certainly be exciting news, giving fans their first non-manga news of a fresh project since the Super Hero film’s announcement.

Unfortunately, fans will indefinitely be waiting for this announcement, with Chronicles not specifying when it will come.

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