Explained: Google Maps location-sharing notifications and how they can make meetups easier and safe

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Google is adding yet another new feature to Maps. As a part of the latest update, Google is making Maps’ location sharing feature more functional and informative. The new location sharing feature will let users receive arrival and departure notifications.
What are Maps location sharing notifications?
The new location-sharing notifications, according to the official blog post, will alert you when someone has arrived or left a location. However, for this feature to work, people will need to share the location and set an alert for that location.
For instance, if you are heading to a concert with a couple of friends, then sharing and enabling the notification for that location will let them know when you’ve reached the venue as well as it will also notify you if your friends have reached the venue if they choose to enable the notification.
Similarly, it can also alert you when they leave the venue and vice versa.
How the feature can make meetups easier and safer
As explained above, the location sharing feature alerts when someone arrives and departs from the shared venue. With this, users will be notified when a person arrives at the location making it easier to spot them without juggling from one place to another. Similarly, the feature also sends alerts for departure.
This can be used to ensure that all your friends have left the venue. Also, this can also come in handy for parents to ensure their kids are safe.


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