Fans discuss Mike Tyson “struggling to walk” at NFL game

Fans have shown concern for Mike Tyson after he appeared at a Miami Dolphins game on Sunday.

‘Iron Mike’ is now 56 years old, but it’s hard to tell. The heavyweight boxer seemed like he would never age in his prime, as he was one of the most terrifying boxers to ever step into the ring.

Even as late as two years ago, Tyson was still getting in the boxing ring. In November 2020, the former champion made a return to the sport to face Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition matchup on Triller pay-per-view.

The outing ended in a draw but saw the 56-year-old praised for his performance given that he had been out of the ring for 15 years. Following the draw, Tyson stated that it wouldn’t be his last fight and that he would return in the future.

However, that return never happened, and the heavyweight retired from boxing earlier this month. One of the reasons why Tyson decided to retire was due to back injuries. He was last seen in a wheelchair at an airport last month.

Mike Tyson was seen yesterday without a wheelchair and was walking around at the Miami Dolphins’ win over the New England Patriots. However, the former champion was clearly walking slower, and fans took notice of that.

Fans swarmed Twitter to state that they were concerned about how slow he was, and even stated that it looked like he was wearing “cement shoes”. Others decided to be internet trolls and mock him.

@CameronWolfe Mike’s back is messed big time for real. This has been a persistent problem for him since he hurt his back doing sit-ups in fight camp years ago. Seems it has progressively gotten worse. Poor man. All the best @MikeTyson.

@CameronWolfe Too many whacks to the head and sniffing the white stuff hasn’t helped with his mobility

Mike Tyson discusses retirement

Last month, Mike Tyson decided to retire for the second time.

‘Iron Mike’ first retired in 2005, following a loss to Kevin McBride. Tyson stated that his heart wasn’t in the sport anymore and that it was no longer fun for him to compete in the ring.

Fifteen years later, Tyson decided to come out of retirement to face Roy Jones Jr. The outing ended in a draw but saw him be praised for his performance. Following that, Tyson stated that he would compete again.

However, he never did. The 56-year-old quietly announced his retirement in an interview with NewsMax last month. He stated:

“The boys want to fight with me for 100 million dollars, but I think I’ll never do something like that again. I wanted to do it the first time, just for fun, to have fun. Then some people took him to another level and only wanted him for financial reasons, so the fun was over.”

Watch some of the interview below:


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