FIFA 23: EA brings new anti-cheat system to the game

Electronic Arts’ game security and anti-cheat team has announced the launch of the EA Anti-Cheat (EAAC) system which will arrive with FIFA 23 for PC in a few weeks. The publisher has also updated its official blog post to share details on the new anti-cheat system. In the blog post, the company has explained EAAC as “a kernel-mode anti-cheat and anti-tamper solution” which has been developed in-house by EA.
FIFA 23 is set to introduce cross-play across multiple platforms like PC, Xbox and PlayStation for the first time in the franchise’s history. EA has noted that the anti-cheat system will not only protect PC players from cheaters but will also secure console players (who match with PC opponents) from cheaters operating on PC platforms.

Importance of EAAC
The game publisher has also explained that several PC cheat developers have now moved into the kernel which makes this kernel-mode protection crucial to “ensure fair play and tackle PC cheat developers.” Moreover, EA might introduce EAAC across its entire multiplayer portfolio as the company is not completely satisfied with third-party anti-cheat solutions. It is of the view that third-party systems don’t allow the implementation of extra privacy controls and customisations that can help the anti-cheat protocol to offer more accuracy and granularity.
EAAC: How will it affect gamers
EA has noted that EAAC will be enabled only when the games requiring the anti-cheat systems are running. Moreover, this technology also claims to collect limited information which excludes — users’ browsing history, apps that are not connected to EA games or anything that is not directly related to anti-cheat protection.

The company has also promised that the new anti-cheat system will have a “negligible impact” on gameplay when in use. EAAC will also be automatically deleted from a system once all games needing the anti-cheat solution have been removed. Users can also delete EAAC manually but removing it will prevent all the games that require it from running.

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