Former WWE writer slams Triple H and makes an ominous prediction, compares his booking to Vince McMahon (Exclusive)

On this week’s edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Legion of RAW, former WWE writer Vince Russo gave his take on Triple H‘s booking and whether anything has changed since Vince McMahon left the helm last month.

While discussing last night’s edition of WWE Monday Night RAW, Vince Russo gave his take on Triple H’s booking. While many fans have been very positive since Triple H took over creative reigns, Russo didn’t see much difference between what The Game is doing and what Vince McMahon was doing apart from a couple of differences. Russo explained:

“Wait till Monday Night Football starts. Wait till Monday Night Football starts and the party’s over. It is over. Triple H’s party is over. There were a million times, during this show where the audience watching at home would have turned over to a football game, a million times. All I’m seeing is longer matches. There are still no stories”

Russo continued to say;

“That’s not writing. Will you stop with the love for Triple H? Come on man, that is not writing. He’s doing the same thing Vince was doing, he’s just injecting new blood, new people into the product.” [18:18 to 20:04]


Vince Russo isn’t fan of how Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky have been booked

VInce Russo also discussed how WWE has booked Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai, both of whom made their main roster debut at SummerSlam, where they aligned themselves with Bayley. Sky was called up from NXT while Dakota Kai returned after her release last year.

However, Vince Russo said that he isn’t a fan of how WWE has booked the duo. He explained:

“What have I learned about either one of these people? If I’m a casual viewer, this is now the second week I’m seeing them or the third, name one thing that I know about them. What do I know about either one of these two individuals?” [19:00 to 19:22]

Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky are set to face Asuka and Alexa Bliss in the next round of the WWE Women’s Tag Team title tournament.

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