Free Fire OB36 Advance Server Mystery characters and pet abilities explained

Ahead of all official in-game updates, Garena usually releases a Free Fire Advance Server to test the new additions. The launch of this specific test server is exciting for the entire community as it lets users see all the upcoming features of the battle royale title.

The Advance Server for the Free Fire OB36 update went live today, September 1, and anyone with an Activation Code can log in and enjoy the new features. As with all previous releases, the developers have focused on characters and pets, making multiple additions for players to try out.

The specifics regarding the Mystery characters and pets in the Free Fire OB36 Advance Server are listed below.

Note: The details of the characters and pets are from the Advance Server. Not all the features from this client will be added to the official update and are subject to change.

Free Fire Advance Server for OB36 update: Abilities of Mystery characters and new pet

Mystery characters

Other character's ability is not revealed (Image via Garena)
Other character’s ability is not revealed (Image via Garena)

Keeping with the trend established in previous Advance Servers, OB36 also features Mystery Characters. Two Mystery characters have been included in this client, but only one character’s ability has been revealed. The details surrounding the second character remain unknown.

Here is one of the Mystery characters (Image via Garena)
Here is one of the Mystery characters (Image via Garena)

The first Mystery character comes fitted with an active ability called Rebel Rush. This skill allows gamers to move forward at a rapid pace for a duration of 0.5 seconds. This ability also carries a 40-second cooldown time.

Another exciting element of this ability is that the skill can be stacked for multiple uses (two uses at max). However, using this continuously will attract a cooldown time of 5 seconds between uses.

As players level up their character, all aspects of the ability remain the same, except the cooldown time. The cooldown timer goes down to 30 seconds at level six.

It will be interesting to see how the character plays out in the overall meta of the battle royale title. This ability appears to be helpful in terms of providing quick mobility to get out of sticky situations at the cost of a long cooldown.

New Pet – Fang

Fang pet possesses an incredible ability called Wolfpack bond (Image via Garena)
Fang pet possesses an incredible ability called Wolfpack bond (Image via Garena)

Description: Loyalty is virtue

Ability: Wolfpack bond

Fang is the name of the new pet accessible in the Free Fire OB36 Advance Server, and he has a unique skill called Wolfpack bond. The pet has a fantastic overall appearance, and using him on the battlefield will give gamers a fierce look.

At Fang’s base level, any time an enemy knocks down the user’s teammate, the user will receive 10 EP if their HP is full or 5 HP if their HP is lower. It does not exceed the HP/EP limit and has a cooldown of 40 seconds.

Upon attaining the highest level, the skill’s attributes improve, and players can gain 30 EP if their HP is full or 15 HP if their HP is not full. The cooldown duration will be reduced to 25 seconds at the highest level, allowing for more frequent uses of the ability.

Disclaimer: Due to the government-imposed restrictions on Free Fire in India, players are advised not to play the battle royale title on their device. They may engage in the enhanced MAX version that remains unbanned.

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