Google Maps on WearOS affecting some smartwatch users: Here’s how

Multiple smartwatches including the first Google Pixel Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 run on WearOS 3. The Google Maps app on some WearOS 3 smartwatches is reportedly causing an issue. Multiple users have reported a bug on Google’s support forums and Reddit that is affecting the Google Maps app on WearOS 3 smartwatches (first spotted by 9to5Google). Affected users speculate that a recent update may have broken the navigation shortcuts for saved home and work locations on the WearOS app.
How is the issue affecting users
To offer a quick shortcut to start navigation, the Wear OS client of Google Maps pulls the home and work address data from the phone app. Some users have reported that their home and work addresses are not working on Google Maps’ WearOS app after a new update. The WearOS app is reportedly asking users to set those addresses from their phones even after they are already set on the linked account.

The issue seems to be quite widespread and is affecting multiple WearOS 3 smartwatches. However, some wearables like the Montblanc Summit 3 seem to be unaffected by the bug.
One of the users who have also reported the issue has mentioned a temporary workaround for the same. The user noted that the issue was resolved after uninstalling updates to Google Maps through the Play Store. The tech giant is expected to patch the bug with an upcoming update.

Google has asked developers to focus more on WearOS apps after the company released its first-ever smartwatch — the Pixel Watch. Smartwatches running WearOS are also expected to get a new w Google News app soon.

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