Google releases first Android 13 patch for Pixel smartphones

Google has released a monthly security patch for the month of September for Pixel smartphones running Android 13. The security patch promises to fix some of the common issues introduced with Android 13 for Pixel smartphones. Last month, Google released Android 13 for its Pixel series; while the update promised to fix more than 150 issues, it also introduced some new ones. The new patch brings fixes to a few of these issues.
The September security patch fixes issues related to the user interface, Bluetooth connectivity and battery life.
A number of Pixel 6 and 6 Pro users reported battery drainage issues on their handset after Android 13. It seems like Google will be fixing the issue with the latest update. The update addresses the issue where certain background activities increase battery drain. So, users can now expect the increased battery drainage to be fixed.
Another major issue plaguing the Pixels after the Android 13 update was the wireless charging. Users reported that the wireless charging stopped working as they updated their Pixel smartphones to Android 13. The latest update fixes the issue which could prevent wireless charging mode from activating in certain conditions, so wireless charging should now work fine on Pixel smartphones.
One major issue with Pixel 6a was the fingerprint sensor, which did not work or unlock the phone even with unregistered fingerprints. The issue has been fixed in the latest update, as Google says that the recognition and response have been improved.
Furthermore, there is a fix for Bluetooth, which does not allow certain devices to connect. The issue with the user interface, where the notifications were not displayed properly on the lock screen, has also been fixed.
The September 2022 security patch has begun rolling out to Pixel smartphones running Android 13 starting today. However, Pixel 6a, which is one of the compatible smartphones with Android 13, will not be receiving the update until later this month.

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