Google Search homepage to show weather, events and more

Google, as a search engine, became popular due to its clean and simple user interface. The homepage has always been about offering only a search interface despite all the design revisions it has gone through. Although things might get changed soon as the company has been testing a Discover feed-like interface for the desktop web user interface with a select number of people for a while now. A new report by 9to5Google suggests that the new interface has started appearing for more users.
According to the report, the new Discover-like interface has been showing up to more users from across the globe. We also checked with a couple of people and none of them here in India has confirmed the new interface showing up for them.
9to5Google has reported that the entire feed design and the interface appear to be the same, except for the missing ‘Hide content’ button at the bottom right corner.
As far as the new Google homepage is concerned, it is likely to remain unchanged apart from the new information widgets at the bottom which will show information about Air Quality, Cryptocurrency, Stock Market, Your Top Stocks, Events Nearby, Weather, Trending Searches, Top Stories, Sports, What to Watch and more.
Apart from that, users also have the option to customise their interests depending on which information on the new page will be shown similar to the Google Discover section.
It is not clear when Google will publicly roll out the newly updated search homepage, but it will certainly bring more details and functionality to the users. Also, the entire idea of including additional information right on the search homepage isn’t new. Bing and Yahoo search has been doing this since the beginning and now Google appears to get on board with the entire idea.

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