Havells Meditate air purifier powered by SpaceTech launched: Price and other key specs

Havells India has launched its first product under Havells Studio – Meditate Air Purifier. The all-new Meditate Air Purifier is powered by SpaceTech air purification technology. Claimed to be designed for India and world, Havells claims that the air purifier has been tested for efficacy against removal of hazardous gaseous pollutants like CO, TVOC, Formaldehyde, SO2, NO2, O3, NH3 & Toluene etc. as well as pathogenic micro-organisms (bacteria, Viruses & fungal strains).
Havells Meditate air purifier: Price, colours and availability
Havells Meditate air purifier comes at a price tag of Rs 64,900. The product is available for purchase in silver and satin colour options. The air purifier can be purchased online from Amazon website.
Havells Meditate air purifier: Features and specifications
The Meditate air purifier comes with TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) coated plates along with UV-C and UV-A lights that cause a Photo-catalytic Oxidation process to not just filter the pollutants but also claims to destroy them without leaving any harmful by-product.

It uses 6 stages of air purification. The pre-filtration stage cleans the air of PM (Particulate Matter) by using integrated filters (Pre-filter mesh, medical grade H14 HEPA filter & Granular activated carbon filter).
The second stage of air purification degenerates the viruses /bacteria and hazardous gases by exposing the air to specific wavelengths of light (UV-C & A) and the reaction is catalysed by specific catalysts (strontium titanate dopped with palladium & nano silver).
This process, called photo-catalytic oxidation, is adapted from purification technology deployed for space stations – however, modified by partial mixing of strontium, palladium & nano-silver to enhance the efficacy of oxidation thereby degenerating the pathogens much faster.
The hazardous gases like formaldehyde, ethylene, and ozone are disintegrated to basic elements of the environment, thereby eliminating them from the environment.
The AQI monitor is equipped with three capacitive touch buttons for Power, Mode and Toggle. The display shows parameters like air quality, battery life and fan speed. The AQI monitor acts like a remote for real-time air quality monitoring as well as controlling the device.
Other features include: Predictive analytics on app, Scheduling-Automated on/off for everyday use, wireless charging, 360- degree purification, filter life indication and notification, IoT, Alexa and Google home enabled.

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