Here’s when Meta plans to launch its next VR headset

Facebook-owner Meta’s new VR headset is coming this October, CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed during an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, as per a report by Techradar.
While the Meta CEO did not disclose the name of the headset, we can say that it is most probably going to be the Project Cambria one, the much-anticipated successor to the Oculus Quest 2. Earlier, Meta had said that Project Cambria would be launched in 2022 and October looks a good time for the launch.
The Project Cambria headset could be named the Quest Pro, as per several leaks and rumours which also include a line of code in the Oculus mobile app on iPhone. The Quest Pro (assuming this is the name Meta has decided to go with) is set to compete with Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset.
The headset is said to incorporate face and eye tracking. Face tracking will allow Meta’s VR avatars to mimic the actual facial expressions which may help them become more life-like. Eye tracking, on the other hand, will allow “VR game creators to better use Cambria’s processing power. They’ll do this by only properly rendering the areas that players are looking at.”, said the report.
For the display, the device could likely have dual mini LED displays offering 120Hz refresh rate. The Oculus Quest 2 offered a 120Hz experimental refresh rate and Quest Pro looks set to improve upon that. The Quest Pro is expected to be powered with a new processor from Qualcomm and come with 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage.
All these features make for a premium device which may cost double than the cheapest Oculus Quest 2 model. The price estimate for the upcoming VR headset could be around $799, as claimed in an earlier leak.

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