Here’s why Sachin Tendulkar, Joe Biden and even Deadpool posted one-word tweets

Twitter saw a weird trend developing recently when several companies posted one-word tweets. The trend started with US train company Amtrak “accidentally” tweeting the word “trains” on the evening of September 1, as per a report by SkyNews. The tweet is still there and at the time of writing this story, it had 160.2K likes, 20.7K retweets and 3,986 quote tweets.

Soon, several companies and organisations like NASA, The Washington Post, Mailchimp Marriott Bonvoy, etc. started posting one-word tweets. Sports icon Sachin Tendulkar, US president Joe Biden and even Deadpool joined in the fray. Everyone’s tweets are in a similar vein as the Amtrak one, with the one word perhaps acting as a keyword they tried to lay stress upon.
For example, international cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar tweeted “cricket”. No harm there. He’s just posted the name of the sport he has been immensely successful at and perhaps wishes more to take notice of the gentlemen’s game that is certainly the most-followed sport in India.
At the time of writing this news, Tendulkar’s tweet had 50.1K likes, 427 quote tweets and been retweeted 2,432 times

US President Joe Biden tweeted the word “democracy”, The Washington Post tweeted “news”, Marriott Bonvoy tweeted “hotels”, NASA tweeted “universe” and Deadpool’s Twitter account tweeted his own name.

The US president’s tweet had 282.8K likes, 31.4K retweets and 10.3K quote tweets at 7.50pm IST.
Some may call this Twitter trend the easiest way of promotion but companies seem to be loving it.

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