“How can you put the Rays ahead of the Yankees” “Cards belong in front of the Braves”

Nothing gets MLB fans fired up quite like a hearty debate over the power rankings of their favorite teams. With one month left in the season, there is little time left to debate this topic. Soon enough, the postseason will settle this discussion for us, and the top teams in baseball will make themselves known.

This is a discussion that has no right answer as there are far too many factors to weigh, but many would say there are wrong answers. Whether it’s thinking your team is ranked too low or your rival’s team is ranked too high, no list can be perfect for everybody.

This list in particular came courtesy of Ben Verlander, an analyst for Fox Sports.

It comes as no surprise that this sparked a debate almost instantly. Especially with some division rivals ranked over others.

@MLBONFOX @BenVerlander How can you put the Rays ahead of the Yankees when they still have a 5 game lead over the Rays. Probably because of the last series I would assume

No matter what MLB team fans support, they will likely want to see their team listed higher.

Seattle Mariners fans were one of the few content fanbases on this list, and were thrilled with the team’s improvement. Being ranked ahead of the New York Yankees must be the cherry on top as well.

The St. Louis Cardinals also saw an increase in their team’s rankings, which came at a perfect time. With only one month left in the MLB regular season, teams need to gain momentum for the playoffs.

The Houston Astros are second in the overall rankings and are the top team in the American League. While they have very little to complain about with this ranking, fans will still find a point of contention.

The Toronto Blue Jays have been noticeably absent from this top ten list. Which is not too surprising given their recent struggles, but a sharp decline from where they once were.

The teams on this list are some of the most talented and strongest teams in the MLB.

One of the few placements that had almost no arguments over was the number one slot.

As happens all too often nowadays, this power ranking is a harsh reminder of the Yankees’ decline.

Power rankings are incredibly fun to debate, but at the end of the day, games are won and lost on the field.

MLB Power Rankings give insight to how the playoffs might shake out

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees
Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees

Obviously no analyst will be perfect with every prediction they make. However, seeing how people cover the league’s in-depth rankings of the teams is always fascinating. That information is a boon to hardcore fans who want to learn more about rival teams.

The list sparked a fiery debate that will not be truly decided until the World Series trophy is hoisted.

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