How Google is planning to make Chrome the default browser on Windows 11 with a single click

Microsoft introduced Windows 11 with a new method of setting a default browser. Rather than simply allowing users to choose a default platform for all browser-related tasks, the tech giant made sure that users had to manually pick their default browser for virtually everything. According to a report by 9to5Google, “it was a clear move to keep users on Microsoft Edge, the default browser on Windows 11, as much as possible.”
However, after the criticism, Microsoft got back to Windows 10’s method of changing the browser which allows users to switch platforms with one click from the Settings menu. Moreover, the steps to change the browser in Windows 11 have also remained the same.

But Google might be planning something else. Google Chrome may soon include support for changing the default browser on Windows without even leaving the browser. As per the report, the latest version of Google Chrome for Windows (in beta phase) has added support for automatically switching your default browser with a single click.
This change was spotted by some testers and was also reported on Twitter. The report also suggests that this functionality is currently limited to the pop-up banner and not Chrome’s “Default Browser” option in the Settings menu.

Google Chrome single-click browser switch feature availability
The report claims that currently, the stable version of Google Chrome is version 104.0.5112.81. However, this feature is live only in Chrome Dev with version 106.0.5231.2. If the testing phase goes well this feature is expected to be made available for all users in the upcoming days.

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