How much did the UFC commentator get paid per episode?

After initially declining the hosting role of the famous American television show Fear Factor in 2001, Joe Rogan eventually accepted the lucrative deal and hosted the show until 2006 before returning for another season in 2011. The UFC commentator was reportedly paid $100,000 per episode during the initial run. This means that after hosting over 150 episodes of the show, Rogan walked away with at least $15 million in total earnings.

The episodes were packed with full of crazy stunts and dares for contestants to complete in order to win the grand prize. Fear Factor would usually offer $50,000 in prize money to the winner. Rogan is said to have accepted the role hoping to find content for his stand-up gigs, but the television exposure helped to bring more people to his shows.

Watch Rogan speak about the craziest stunts on Fear Factor here:


The Fear Factor role came a few years after Joe Rogan’s initial involvement with the UFC. Rogan worked as a backstage and post-fight interviewer during UFC 12: Judgement Day in 1997, which was the first time the podcaster had appeared on a UFC event.

Joe Rogan is now a household name given his presence on Spotify and as one of the leading commentators during the UFC’s pay-per-view events. The 55-year-old’s exclusive podcasting deal with Spotify is said to be worth around $200 million, which makes his Fear Factor earnings look tiny in comparison.

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How much is Joe Rogan’s 1965 Corvette Stingray worth?

Given Joe Rogan’s financial success due to the career he has created for himself after years of hard work and dedication to his craft, the UFC commentator now has a net worth of around $120 million. This has allowed Rogan to maintain an impressive collection of cars, which includes a stunning 1965 Corvette Stingray worth around $100,000.

The classic muscle car has an LS1 engine and a Magnuson supercharger, producing 425 horsepower under the hood. Back in 2018, Rogan posted a picture of his car, with the comical caption:

“1965, when all curves were real.”

The JRE host is also said to own a 1969 Chevy Nova, 1971 Ford Bronco, 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser and a 1970 Cuda. The UFC commentator clearly has a passion for muscle cars but showed some love for a Japanese classic when purchasing a Toyota Land Cruiser.

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