How Samsung made fun of Apple iPhone 14 series: ‘2 years late to this club’, ‘why the hold on fold’ and more

Samsung making fun of Apple’s new iPhones is not new. It’s been almost a tradition. The company joked about Apple dropping the headphone jack (in 2016), IPhone X’s notch, removing the adapter (in 2020), lack of stylus support in iPhones and more. There have also been Samsung ads ‘making fun’ of Apple fans lining up outside Apple Stores to buy the latest iPhones. It’s a corporate rivalry that stays, like many others in the business world.
This year, Samsung’s ad campaign started a few days before the iPhone 14 series launch. Even before the iPhone 14 series was announced, Samsung mocked Apple for the lack of “innovation” in the new iPhone models. “With the new innovations heads will turn, but not in your direction,” said an ad adding that the ‘upcoming iPhones’ are not getting the 108MP Space Zoom feature that Samsung launched in 2020.
Following the launch, Samsung Mobile US’ official handle shared a range of cryptic tweets which appears to be an attack on Apple iPhone 14 series, Apple Watch and more. In a series of tweets, Samsung shared its “reactions” to “new devices announced on Wednesday.” Few tweets are related to Apple still not entering the foldable phones segment, where Samsung has been there for a while now. “What the flip, Apple?”, “What’s the hold on the Fold, Apple?” and “Let us know it when it folds,” read the messages in the tweets. In another tweet, Samsung trolls Apple for bringing 48MP camera in iPhone 14’s Pro models (iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro). iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max sport the new 48MP wide lens. “48 megapixels? You’re almost there, Apple”, jokes Samsung. The company introduced a 108-megapixel sensor with the Galaxy S20 Ultra in the year 2020. In other tweets, Samsung makes fun of Apple launching a Purple colour option in iPhone 14, a year after Samsung introduced it in its flagship series. Samsung has also reportedly put up billboards in the US making fun of Apple. One of them says that Galaxy devices have been able to record video in 8K for over two years, while even iPhone 14 Pro is still limited to 4K video. Samsung has also made fun of the new Apple Watch, asking users to join the circle, with “tough stuff”. Here, the company seems to be referring to the popular fitness circle on Apple Watch. Here are the tweets and video ads
Buckle Up: Samsung’s ‘camera prediction’ for iPhone 14 series
What will they not think of next?
Explore the head-turning alternatives at

Buckle Up

A brief summary of Samsung’s “reactions” to the “innovative” new devices announced on Wednesday (September 7 Apple Event) 🧵 👇

What the Flip, Apple?

What’s the hold on the Fold, Apple?

48-megapixel, you are almost there Apple!

Samsung to iPhone users: Seen the GalaxyZ Flip4? There’s no going back after that – join the FlipSide

‘Oh going Purple, cool bro’

“Let us know it when it folds.”

‘Welcome to the party Apple’

Samsung to Apple Watch users: Join the circle, with “tough stuff”
Join the Circle and be ready for the tough stuff with a premium sapphire crystal glass display made for everyday adventure.

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