How to find a firetruck in GTA Online

Firetrucks can be a really fun novelty act in GTA Online. These emergency vehicles have always been a staple of the series.

Firetrucks are known for their size, strength, and speed. Players can use them to run through heavy traffic and mess around with the water cannon.

There are many ways players can obtain a firetruck in GTA Online.

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Warstock Cache & Carry purchase and other ways to get a firetruck in GTA Online

Call 9/11


To get a firetruck by calling 911, GTA Online players should first open their phones. They will need to click on the Contacts tab, which is on the upper right-hand side of the phone screen.

Players can then use the dial pad and enter “911.” After selecting the Fire Department, first responders will be sent over with a firetruck.

Just like that, players will have easy access to a firetruck. A maximum of two firetrucks can be dispatched in any given area.

GTA Online players can summon firetrucks by starting a fire. However, that is very risky since they could also get a wanted level.

Look for a fire department


Fire stations are often found in populated areas like Paleto Bay and Los Santos. These areas aren’t marked on the map, so finding them might be a little difficult. Fortunately, there is a simpler method that players can use.

In the video above, YouTuber HellBoy 200120 provides map coordinates that players can use to find firetrucks in the game.

Visit the Warstock Cache & Carry website


This is arguably the most legitimate way to get a firetruck in GTA Online. Players will first need to pay a visit to Warstock Cache & Carry. Of course, they will also need several million dollars in their bank account.

A single firetruck is worth a massive $3,295,000, which is quite a lot of money. Players can reduce the original price to $2,471,250 by becoming a heist leader and robbing the Diamond Casino and Resort. When comparing these prices, there is a total difference of $823,750.

Players can request deliveries with Pegasus Lifestyle Management. The firetruck will be sent to their nearest location.

How good is the firetruck in GTA Online?


Firetrucks have a low acceleration and a top speed of 96 miles per hour. This was calculated by popular YouTuber Broughy1322. Nonetheless, these emergency vehicles will run through most vehicles when they pick up speed. Their handling is also superior.

Players can use a firetruck’s water cannons to put out fires and even attack pedestrians. However, they could get a one-star wanted level if they are caught by police.

Players can also turn on the siren of a firetruck. By doing so, other vehicles will move away from its direction.

Overall, a firetruck is a chaotic vehicle to mess around with in a private session. Using one in a public session is more high-risk since firetrucks can’t tank many explosions.

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