How to obtain and use Grappling Hook (Bishop Hook) in Steelrising

Verticality is a core part of Steelrising’s map design, and players will be able to access ledges and other higher points in the game with the help of the grappling hook called Bishop Hook.

Unfortunately, the hook is not part of Aegis’ starting kit, and users will have to progress a significant amount in the narrative before they can finally unlock it.

Steelrising is Spiders’ take on the Souls-like formula, but it also has some key elements of Metroidvania.

Dear PC players, thank you for your patience. Paris is yours to conquer.

In a sense, some of the more powerful, versatile tools and abilities are unlocked much later in the game. Still, the narrative makes it so that gamers can return to previous levels and access some previously inaccessible areas.

Bishop Hook is one of the many important tools that unlocks only after players have invested hours in the RPG, and they will even have to defeat a boss to get it.

Today’s guide will therefore go over how they will be able to get their hands on the grappling hook and use it in Steelrising.

Getting Bishop Hook in Steelrising


To get their hands on the Bishop Hook in Steelrising, users will first be required to:

  • Make their way through the RPG’s narrative until they can go to the La Cite level. This will be part of the main questline itself, and all one will need to do is to follow the “In Search of Abbe Gregoire” main mission.
  • While following the narrative and making their way through the La Cite, gamers will eventually come face to face with a titan at the Palais de Justice. This is the Bishop of the Cite boss fight, and they will be required to defeat him if they wish to obtain the Bishop Hook.
  • The encounter is considered one of the toughest in the title, especially with the number of tools and abilities players have access to at this point. Hence, they are advised to tough it out and keep trying the fight till they learn the Bishop’s patterns. Grenades can come in handy here as well, so utility tools are something that one can stock up on for the fight.
  • Once users have taken down the Bishop of the Cite boss, they will automatically be able to get their hands on the Bishop Hook.

Using Bishop Hook in Steelrising


The Bishop Hook is a part of Aegis’ passive toolkit in the sense that gamers will not be required to actively equip it in their inventory to be able to use it. Once obtained, all one will be required to do is approach ledges, balconies, and raised platforms, and the game will automatically provide a visual prompt.

By pressing the button, the grappling hook will automatically activate, latch onto the raised surface, and pull Aegis to it.

Apart from traversal, the Bishop Hook can also be an exceptional tool during Steelrising’s combat. Aiming it at the enemy and firing it does fulmination damage, but using it will cost three Alchemical Capsules per activation.

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