How to obtain the Mr. Grizz Badge and Teddy Band Headgear

Collectibles in Splatoon 3 such as badges are an amazing way to show off how far players have reached in the game and the amount of time they have invested into unlocking everything that the shooter has to offer.

In terms of features, there is a lot that players will be able to do in Nintendo’s latest Splatoon entry. Almost every game mode and activity in the title allows fans to get their hands on some exclusive collectibles, providing them with the incentive to try out new things and grind harder in-game.

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Badges are one of the most sought-after collectibles in the game, and while some of them are quite easy to come across, there are a few that will require a fair amount of commitment.

The Mr. Grizz badge, in particular, is one such collectible that many within the community are having trouble coming across. To acquire it, players will be required to complete a pretty challenging task in the campaign mode.

Today’s guide will explain how to obtain the Mr. Grizz badge as well as the Teddy Band Headgear that comes along with it in Splatoon 3.

Obtaining the Mr. Grizz badge and Teddy Band Headgear in Splatoon 3


The Mr. Grizz badge can only be obtained in Splatoon 3’s story mode, which is why players are required to spend a fair amount of time in the game’s campaign mode if they wish to get this particular badge.

To be able to get the collectible, fans will be required to,

  • Find and clear the campaign mode’s secret level, After Alterna. To be able to access it, however, one will be required to complete every single stage that is present in the story mode. This is much harder than it sounds and will take a lot of time and investment from players to do so.
  • Once all the missions are completed in Return of the Mammalians, players will receive a message stating that they have unlocked the hidden stage called Secret Kettle. They will then be able to find the entrance to After Alterna, which will be present on Future Utopia Island.
  • Unlocking After Alterna is significantly easier than clearing the stage itself. Players will have to go through various challenges if they wish to complete it. From a series of platforming challenges along with taking out difficult enemies and eventually going toe-to-toe with Mr. Grizz, there is a lot that needs to be done to effectively complete this stage in Splatoon 3.
  • To make After Alterna a bit easier, players are recommended to raise their Hero Levels to the Max and get more powerful before they even attempt it. Coincidentally, reaching Max Hero level in the shooter will net players the Callie and Marie badges simultaneously.
  • After completing the After Alterna stage, players will automatically be rewarded with the Mr. Grizz badge, and the Teddy Band headgear. Currently, these are the two hardest collectibles to obtain in the title, and will require players to grind out the story mode as much as possible to get it.


The Teddy Band headgear is a highly sought-after wardrobe collectible that many in the Splatoon 3 community would like to get their hands on, especially fans of Grizzco Industries. Furthermore, this equipment also grants players the Comeback ability in their primary slot, which provides a temporary buff to characters after they respawn from a splat.

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