How to send and receive text SMS in Facebook Messenger on Android

Text messages (SMS) or texting, as we call it, is a traditional way of connecting with our friends and family without the need of any internet connection. Even now, a large group of people use SMS as their go-to instant messaging app. Meta-owned social media platform Facebook allows users to send SMSes in the Messenger app.
Facebook allows you to set Messenger for Android as your default SMS application and use it to send and receive SMS and MMS messages in addition to Facebook conversations. This feature has been available for some time now but still a lot of people don’t know how to enable and use it.
End-to-end encryption work in Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger also offers end-to-end encryption for conversations. This means that the information you send and receive on the platform is secure from the moment it leaves your device till it is received by the recipient.
The company has reiterated several times that nobody, including Facebook, can see or hear what is sent or said during the delivery of the message. Apart from messages, calls made on the platform are said to be end-to-end encrypted.

Messenger users can enable end-to-end encryption on Facebook Messenger by turning the toggle on for the lock icon in the top right of a chat.
How does the SMS feature work in Messenger
In addition to the usual text, images, videos, and audio, SMS in Messenger also supports rich content like stickers, emojis, and location sharing. To send GIFs, send money, make voice and video calls, and request transportation, you must use standard Messenger. The feature is only available on Android. However, the recipient of an SMS message can access them on any platform.
The company claims that conversations are not sent, uploaded, or stored on Facebook servers when you use SMS in Messenger. Standard SMS and text messaging rates apply, and data can still be used for standard, non-SMS messages sent and received through Messenger.
Here’s a step-by-step guide to show how you can send and receive text messages via Facebook Messenger:

  1. Open the Facebook Messenger app on your Android smartphone.
  2. Go to your profile by tapping on the small profile icon available in the top-left corner.
  3. Then, under the Preferences tab, select the SMS option.
  4. Turn on the toggle for the SMS feature.

You can view and reply to your SMS conversations in Messenger once the feature is enabled. Your SMS and Messenger conversations will both be displayed in purple and blue, respectively.

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