How to use Google Photos to preserve old photos

If you have a collection of old photos that are starting to fade or deteriorate, Google Photos can help you to preserve them for future generations. The service uses artificial intelligence to scan and digitize old photos, improving their quality and restoring their color and vibrancy.
Here are the steps on how to use Google Photos to preserve old photos:
Upload your old photos to Google Photos
You can upload your old photos to Google Photos from your computer or mobile device.To upload photos from your computer, open Google Photos and click the Upload button. To upload photos from your mobile device, open the Google Photos app and tap the + button.
Once your photos are uploaded, Google Photos will automatically scan and digitise them
This process may take some time, depending on the number of photos you have uploaded. You can check the progress of the scanning and digitisation process by clicking the Scanning tab in Google Photos.
Once your photos have been scanned and digitised, you can review them and make any necessary edits
Google Photos will automatically adjust the brightness, contrast, and colour of your photos. You can also manually edit your photos using the built-in editing tools.
Once you are happy with your photos, you can save them to your Google Photos library
Your photos will now be backed up to the cloud, and you can access them from any device.
Here are some additional tips for storing your old photos
– Store your old photos in a cool, dry, and dark place.
– Handle your old photos carefully.
– Scan your old photos as soon as possible.
By following these steps, you’ll not only be preserving your old photos but also creating a dynamic and easily accessible digital archive of your most cherished memories.

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