How WhatsApp may be planning to get users’ opinions on its features

WhatsApp is developing a new feature that will help the company to collect more feedback about features that are offered by the messaging platform. The Meta-owned instant messaging service is planning to do that with a new in-app survey chat which will be available only to a limited number of users, reports WABetaInfo. Moreover, WhatsApp is also reportedly working on a group polls feature which is expected to be available in a future update of WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS and desktop. The messaging platform is also developing a notification system that will alert users when their phone number is shared with a business.
WhatsApp survey chat: Availability
The WhatsApp survey chat feature is currently under development and is likely to show up only on specific occasions. The company is expected to roll out the survey feature with an upcoming update.

Importance of the survey chat feature
WhatsApp’s survey chat feature will be a secure chat page where users can offer their feedback about new features, products and more. However, this feature will work on an invitation-only basis, which means the company will choose and invite the users to render their opinions.
Moreover, WhatsApp is also expected to be very clear about the purpose of the survey and users will be allowed the option to decline the invite to provide feedback. Moreover, users can also block this chat to stop WhatsApp from sending them new surveys in the upcoming days.
The accounts, features or experiences of the users who take part in the survey won’t be affected based on their responses. However, this feedback can help the company to improve its products’ quality. Furthermore, all the responses will be saved securely and will also comply with the WhatsApp Privacy Policy.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has warned users not to share their personal information even with accounts that are verified by WhatsApp with a green checkmark. The company’s survey will never ask for sensitive information like — credit number, 6-digit code, or two-step verification PIN. This survey is designed only for feedback purposes.

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