“I do wanna address something with Derek that I’ve never told you before”

Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter were a part of the recent New York Yankees versus Boston Red Sox matchup, and they shared a heartfelt moment. The two were teammates on the Yankees for 10 seasons, but did not always have the best relationship. While they were brilliant on the field, off the field their relationship left a lot to be desired.

Talkin’ Yanks posted a video of the interaction to Twitter.

love that A-Rod and Jeter have genuinely moved past their differences https://t.co/EoM2amzrea

“Love that A-Rod and Jeter have genuinely moved past their differences” – Talkin’ Yanks

Yankees fans loved seeing two of the most iconic players in their franchise back on good terms. The glimpse behind the curtain was somewhat of a surprise given Derek’s known discretion with his personal life.

Sports stars who have won a championship together often have a bond that is difficult to break. Whatever the issues between them were, seeing them back is hitting all the right nostalgia buttons.

The relationship between the two was icy for so long that fans were genuinely nervous about seeing them seated together.

I am sweating watching Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez next to each other.

“I am sweating watching Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez next to each other” – Jeff Eisenband

It is not often that there are two genuine Hall of Fame level talents on the same team at the same time, but they capitalized on it perfectly.

Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are one of the best duos in MLB history

New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles
New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles

Alex Rodriguez was one of the best home run hitters of all time, ending his career in fourth on the all-time list. Derek Jeter was essentially an institution with the Yankees, and was the perfect leader. When they won the world Series together in 2009, they cemented their place in history.

Seeing them as friends once again enjoying friendly banter was amazing. ESPN posted this clip of a great prank that Rodriguez managed to pull on Jeter.

“The crew talks about the infamous “Shirtless Shortstop” pictures” – ESPN

Jeter has been back in the public eye recently due to his documentary ‘The Captain’. As part of that, Jeter has been providing insights into his playing days. For those who haven’t watched or don’t remember, here is a highlight package from YouTube showing Jeter’s greatness:


Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter are two of the best players in New York Yankees history. Now that their playing days are in the past, seeing Jeter and A-Rod back as friends is a delight for any baseball fan. Well, maybe not if you’re a Red Sox fan.

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