“If we know Russ is still happy… They should be all right”

It has been highly debated whether Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook can coexist within the LA Lakers. Shaquille O’Neal believes the two players will figure something out.

There has been no love lost between Beverly and Westbrook for years. But if they have to play together, they’d need to find a way to squash their beef.

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Last season, Beverly led the Westbrook mockery when the Minnesota Timberwolves faced the Lakers. The Lakers point guard air balled a shot and was taunted by his now teammate.

However, Shaq believes they would hash things out in the locker room. On “The Big Podcast with Shaq,” he said they would be alright after citing how he patched things up with a player he once had beef with.

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“I had beef with Alonzo Mourning. And then when he came to the Miami Heat, I had to sit around and apologize. I said ‘You know what Alonzo? I was a hypocrite.’ … Alonzo Mourning is a great dude. But like, we never talked to each other because he’ll make that face, I’ll make that face.

“… He came back in Miami and helped me with my fourth championship. … Once he got in that locker room. I was like, ‘Man this dude is really really cool.’ … So, when they get in the locker room. If we know Russ is still happy and you know happy to be there and all that good stuff, they should be all right.”


Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley might be the starting guards for the LA Lakers

There have been reports that LA Lakers coach Darvin Ham is considering playing Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley together. While that might have an upside, the shooting guard position will be occupied by an average shooter at best.

Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley have already been in contact since becoming Lakers teammates, league sources tell me, and new coach Darvin Ham has told them he has lineups in mind to play Russ and PatBev side-by-side. More around-the-NBA notes: marcstein.substack.com/p/nba-notes-on…

Last season, Westbrook struggled immensely from the perimeter, making just 29.8% of his shots. Although he knocked down a few crucial 3-pointers, his mid-range game and overall shooting was difficult to watch.

Beverley is not an elite shooter either. When left open, he can punish the opposition from behind the arc. But his consistency is questionable.

However, they might have a lot of success on the defensive end of the floor. Kendrick Perkins believes they could be one of the best defensive backcourt duos because Beverley might inspire Westbrook to be better.

Some believe Beverley’s introduction is a sign that Russell Westbrook might be leaving the organization. However, there have been no reports of a potential trade yet.

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