Instagram patches audio bug that affected the Reels short video: What is it

Instagram has recently fixed an issue that was affecting the Reels video clips on the platform. This new bug was reportedly removing the sound from the Reels videos that were downloaded from the editing screen. According to a report by The Verge, the bug was said to impact only iPhone users as no such complaints were received from Android users. Moreover, this issue was disturbing creators who use the Reels feature of the Meta-owned photo-sharing platform as a filming and editing tool and then export these videos to other platforms like TikTok.

How Instagram reacted to this issue
As per the report, at first Meta spokesperson, Seine Kim stated that the change wasn’t intentional and would be fixed soon. Now, the company has patched this issue with a recent update to Instagram. The report also mentioned that the problem seems to have been fixed on iPhone. Instagram is now allowing iOS users to download clips from Instagram Reels with sound, the report confirms.
How Instagram Reels is important for creators
The report reveals that fixing this Instagram Reels issue will help influencers “get around TikTok’s poor editing features.” Reels offer special editing tools that allow users access to features like green screen and more (ones that are unavailable in Tiktok) to use in videos that will be posted on other social media platforms as well.

TikTok and Instagram are battling each other for dominating the short-form video format. However, Instagram had to roll back some of its more aggressive “TikTok-like features” at least for now, the report added. Moreover, the report also noted that this glitch might be “an unfortunate mishap,” but it also indicates that TikTok needs to improve its editing tools.

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