Intel has a new plan to take on Nvidia

Over the past year, Intel has forayed into the territory of NVIDIA and AMD with a few dedicated GPUs up its sleeves, and it has a few more coming soon, the Arc A750 and Arc A770. With these two new GPUs, Intel wants to take a head-on-head fight with Nvidia and AMD. However, Intel is more concerned about Nvidia’s RTX 3060.
In a conversation with PCMag, Tom Petersen and Ryan Shrout from Intel’s technical marketing team says that Intel is “doing all it can to price them competitively enough to tempt PC gamers.”
The Arc A750 and Arc 770 will use the same GPU A10 die. The Arc A770 will come with 32 Xe cores, while the A750 will have fewer 28 Xe cores so one could expect minor performance gains for the A770. The two Arc GPUs are expected to match the performance of Nvidia’s RTX3060, although Intel claims that the A770 has “significantly above” performance compared to RTX 3060 but only with DirectX 12 compatible titles.
“We’re going to be a little bit faster but depending on your game and depending on your settings, it’s trading blows, and that’s the A750. Obviously A770 is going to be a little bit faster,” Petersen adds.
However, the Intel Arc GPUs do not perform at their best with older DirectX versions, and the company knows that. “So when you add in DX11, you’re gonna see our performance is a little less trading blows, and we’re kind of behind in some cases, ahead in some cases, but more losses than wins at DX11,” said Petersen. Meanwhile, the DX9 to DX12 mapping has been outsourced to Microsoft.
Intel did start with optimism, but they seem to have fallen behind the earlier promises. Initially, Intel said Alchemist GPUs would come with a TDP of 175W to 225W, going directly against the RTX 3060. But that is not where Intel is currently. Speaking with PCGamer, Petersen said, “I was hoping that we would be coming in with a little bit higher performance, but the truth is, this is where we are today.”
“The good news for consumers is that we’re going to make sure that this product is very competitive,” but it is not the performance that will be competitive. Petersen here is referring to the “performance per dollar factor,” which means that Intel’s Alchemist GPUs would be more affordable than the RTX 3060.
“I’d just like to be clear: We’re not going anywhere,” said Petersen about if the company plans to get out of graphics business.
Petersen further added, “Graphics is a critical technology to the client, is a critical technology to the data center, and we want to start competing in the mainstream area where our competitors are making a ton of money. So all three of those things are critically important for Intel.”

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