Kirill Grishenko explains what he learned from loss to Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida

Former ONE heavyweight world title challenger Kirill Grishenko is ready to go back to the drawing board after experiencing a quick submission loss against Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida at ONE on Prime Video 1.

In the opening round, ‘Buchecha’ started strong, delivering the first strike of the evening with a heavy low kick that staggered the Minsk native. Grishenko recovered and began pushing the Brazilian back with his striking.

But after a few successful jabs, Grishenko was caught off guard with a double leg takedown. As quickly as you can say go, the ‘Buchecha’ snuck in a beautiful heel hook submission to end the bout.

The Belarusian wrestler recently caught up with ONE Championship and opened up about his own shortcomings in regards to his latest loss. He noted that the lack of fight development and balanced technique were detrimental to his efforts:

“After the fight with ‘Buchecha’, I realized that I need to develop more and become a more balanced fighter. I have a separate striking technique, and my wrestling is going great, but you need to work more on the combination of standing and ground, and then everything will be fine.”

Prior to his meeting with ‘Buchecha’, Grishenko was one of the top fighters in the division after securing two impressive victories after joining ONE Championship in April 2021. Undefeated in five professional fights, the Belarusian behemoth found himself challenging Anatoly Malykhin for the interim heavyweight world title.

After rising so fast so early in the game, Kirill Grishenko made a good point about taking the time to work on his development as a mixed martial artist. With two back-to-back losses, it’s necessary to identify and improve his weaknesses in order to come back better and stronger.

Kirill Grishenko remains unafraid to test himself against the strongest heavyweights in the division

Kirill Grishenko remains undeterred in his quest for world championship status in MMA. Grishenko beat two dangerous contenders in the division, ‘Reug Reug’ Oumar Kane and Dustin Joynson, in 2021.

The multi-time wrestling world champion showed the world that he had quickly developed into a well-rounded fighter by adding some dangerous striking to his game.

While a rematch with ‘Buchecha’ remains unattainable for the time being, Kirill Grishenko said he is ready to face any rival in his division. In the same interview, the 31-year-old told ONE:

“I never turn down a challenge. In the past, I have agreed to [fight] any opponent. I need to start a winning streak and I’m ready to test myself against the strongest fighters in the heavyweight division.”

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