League of Legends will soon be deleting older “some very inactive accounts”

League of Legends will soon be looking to delete some of the older and more inactive accounts that have not done much in the MOBA.

According to a recent announcement, Riot Games will be targeting those accounts for deletion that have had almost next to zero activity in the game. They have also stated that the deletion will be happening across all their games and not just in the MOBA.

Hence, “some very inactive accounts” in Valorant, Teamfight Tactics, Wild Rift, as well as Legends of Runeterra will be permanently deleted by Riot.

In the announcement, League of Legends’ developers stated:

“People go AFK, we get it. But sometimes they never come back. We use your data to improve your experience, and if you don’t need it, we don’t either. We’re committed to only keeping data around for as long as necessary, and this means removing accounts that both haven’t been active in a while and never did much to begin with (e.g., never bought anything, played many games, unlocked much content, etc).”

They further went on to say that said players can return with a fresh account at any time:

“We want to respect player’s decisions and privacy by removing their data. We welcome these players back at any time and invite them to create a new Riot Games account whenever they are ready.”

Which type of accounts will be deleted from League of Legends and other Riot titles?


When talking about the accounts that are eligible for deletion, Riot Games have pointed out the following criteria:

  • Account is inactive.
  • Account did not purchase any game currency in its lifetime.
  • Account did not receive any game currency in its lifetime.
  • Account has played fewer than 20 hours.
  • Account does not own any rare limited edition game entitlements.

If an account has been marked for deletion, then Riot will be sending the player an email on the registered address which will explain that their account is on file for deletion. If players feel that the developers have listed their account mistakenly, they can always reach out to the support team for the respective title.

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Moreover, the account deletion has not started just yet, and those who feel that their profile might be one of the many who will be on the deletion list still have time to get their account active again.

As the deletion policy will be in effect over the next few months, League of Legends players who do receive the email due to inactivity can log into their account and follow the instructions that will be available in the client to opt out of account deletion.

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