“Made in India” battle royale game Indus trailer out: What to expect, pre-registrations and more

It wasn’t just the colourful parade at the centre of India’s Capital city Delhi that wowed the young ones on Republic Day. The gamer community was also treated with the gameplay trailer of the much-awaited “Indo-futuristic” battle royale video game, Indus. The clip gives a hint of what we can expect from this “work in progress” game.
What is Indus?
Now before we talk about the game’s trailer, let’s get our memories refreshed about who’s behind it. Indus is a battle royal game – pretty much like the PUBG’s, Fortnite and others like them. Players usually drop from an aeroplane to a ‘Map’ wherein they indulge in combat to get hold of the final prize.
“As a Mythwalker, this is your first glimpse into the Indo-Futuristic battleground of Virlok along with Paragons – our version of character skins,” Indus game said. This trailer teases an array of weapons, gear, and consumables that players can use as they battle across the “mysterious and exotic landmarks on Virlok.”
Indus trailer
The trailer starts with Indian classical music mixed with hip-hop and has dubstep-like beats. It also introduces the characters Adam and Adya alongside Sir-Taj and Big-Taj. Graphics have an Indianised touch with a lot of colour and buildings have futuristic and Indian elements.

Indus Gameplay Trailer | An Indo-Futuristic Battle Royale | Pre-Registrations Live

The company responsible for developing this game is Pune-based developer SuperGaming and it has released a series of high-impact takeovers in London – similar to the ones in New York last year on August 15.

You play as a Mythwalker and are hired by an intergalactic syndicate COVEN. You have to collect Cosmium — a rare, natural-born mineral that can alter space and time. The trailer gives a neat look at the characters, Cosmium, loot system, gameplay and map.
Indus game pre-registrations open
Pre-registrations of the game are now live on Android, and iPhone registrations coming soon. This will get you surprises that “will make your experience of Indus truly your own.” There is no definitive date for launch.
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