Marvel reveals Wolverine gameplay for Midnight Suns

Marvel has revealed the Midnight Suns gameplay of Wolverine in a new showcase video. Wolverine is one of the core team members of the Midnight Suns and has the distinction of being both an X-Man and an Avenger. Here’s how the experienced mutant with the adamantium-laced skeleton can be utilised in the upcoming strategy game.
Wolverine’s attacks are basically made up of his adamantium claw-based damage which he can deal to multiple opponents as chain attacks. He can make use of various combat items and buffs to multiply his chain attacks. Also, Wolverine benefits from his healing factor which allows him to recover from his injuries faster than the other Marvel superheroes.
But if you wish to concentrate all of the X-Man’s damage to a single opponent, you can do so too. So, suppose you use Lethal Pounce (one of Wolverine’s chain attacks) with Full Combo (an upgrade) on a single opponent, it will strengthen Wolverine and add 50% more damage to his attack.
Wolverine’s healing factor can be unlocked by spending some time with him in the lobby. On level 1, whenever you redraw a card, it will give some health boost to Wolverine. At level 2, more health can be regained which makes Wolverine tough to kill in the game if the cards are used wisely. Note that in case Wolverine is almost out of action, you can use the Rapid Regeneration card which would revive him but for you to be able to draw that card, you should have 2 Heroisms. One other thing to keep in mind is that this card can be used just once in combat so try not to underestimate the kind of damage Wolverine can receive from enemies. Here is a full character showcase video. There are some other special abilities of his also which can be seen in the video.

Wolverine Gameplay Showcase | Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Then there is the Stink of Fear ability that allows Wolverine to taunt every enemy in the area and also gives Wolverine counter. So, those of you who have been keeping a tab on the showcase videos, who do you think would be the ideal teammate for Wolverine in Midnight Suns?

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