Michigan State University shooting, East Lansing campus

Gabe Treutel, a freshman at Michigan State University, told CNN he and his roommates are hunkered down and are listening to police scanners as the shooting incident on campus continues.  

Treutel says he was just sitting at his desk in his West Akers dorm room, taking a quiz for his chemistry lab when he received an email alert from the university warning him of shots being fired on campus. 

That’s when he and his roommates turned on a local police scanner being broadcast online. Although police scanners are useful tools for monitoring police movements and activity during situations like these, they often contain unconfirmed and ultimately proven false reports of shooters and shots being fired.

“Then probably about 10 minutes later, there was a report that there was a shot fired [at another dorm] about a block away,” Treutel said.

CNN cannot confirm there were shots fired at that dorm, and is not naming it at this time. Treutel said that he did not hear any gunshots.

“That was really scary,” he said.

Treutel and his dorm mates began barricading their door, just in case a shooter came inside.  

That’s when he began looking out the window and saw a number of police cars and police carrying long rifles.  

Treutel heard another call on the scanner saying there was a report the shooter at another dorm, about a block away. CNN cannot confirm there were shots fired at that dorm and is not naming it at this time.

Treutel said that he did not hear any gunshots, then, either.

Moments later, after he says police “cleared” the entrance to the West Akers dorm, Treutel captured a rush of students flooding out of its entrance. 

Some background: At a news briefing Monday night, Interim Deputy Police Chief Chris Rozman cautioned that there was a lot of misinformation about additional shootings being shared on social media and via police scanners. “We strongly encourage you to follow the accurate information,” he said. 

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