Microsoft Edge starts testing a new dedicated ‘wallet’ page to help users manage saved cards easily

Microsoft Edge pretty much offers every feature that users might need while browsing the internet and that includes privacy, autofill passwords, card details and addresses. While the browser already had a functional payment section for securely storing card details and using it while making an online payment, Microsoft appears to be working on a new dedicated page called ‘Wallet’.
Windows Latest has reported that the company has started A/B testing the new wallet page for the Edge with a select number of users in the United States. XDA Developers has reported that the feature is also available on the latest version of Edge Canary and the stable version 105.0.1343.27. But, no users can see that feature right now as we also checked on our end and it seems that the feature isn’t available. To check simply type: edge://wallet/. If the wallet page opens, then your browser has received the feature.
What is Edge Wallet
As the name implies, the wallet section is basically a dedicated page within the Edge browser that will allow users to store and manage their credit or debit card information along with savings from Microsoft Rewards.
How it will help users
Web browsers already have the option to store and use cards while making online payments. However, adding a dedicated section for it will bring everything together in one place. This will allow users to make payments faster and also manage them.
Also, the wallet will be synced across the devices which means, that once the card is added, it will be available on all devices which have Edge browser installed and linked to the same account.
When it will be available for other regions
As mentioned, the Wallet feature is currently rolling out in the US only. The company hasn’t revealed any details about the global rollout of the feature. However, we expect that it will roll out soon.

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