Modern Warfare 2 lobby screen using leaked images

A recent image posted by a fan earlier today depicts how the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 lobby screen will look when the game releases. This, however, isn’t the first time that fans are getting to see the lobby screen in the upcoming title.

Infinity Ward held an event for Modern Warfare 2, where NFL Los Angeles Rams players were able to check out the gameplay prior to the worldwide Open Beta release.

Some of them posted images/videos featuring the lobby screen or a bit of multiplayer gameplay after the event. While those images or videos can’t be shared for obvious reasons, fans have made sharing the relevant information easier.

How will Modern Warfare 2 lobby and menu screens look?

Twitter user @OmgFawzi recreated the leaked lobby screen and posted it on their Twitter account. Here is what the lobby in Modern Warfare 2 will look like:

Mockup of the leaked lobby image for. #MWII First time doing these on PC so might look meh in some areas lol

In another tweet, the individual also posted the original image and stated:

“It’s based off this image for those who haven’t seen it, just wanted to make a better quality one. I don’t understand the whole thing about the lobby looking like MW2019, look up the original MW lobbies, literally the same. I don’t mind it honestly, as long the game plays good.”

There’s one more leak, where Dataminer Reality found hidden files within Warzone Mobile Alpha and Warzone Season 4 Reloaded’s game files, which showed the upcoming menu screen for Modern Warfare 2. While that photo is quite blurry and pixelated, here is a similar version of the concept art made by a fan that went viral. The leaked image shares an uncanny resemblance to this one.

Infinity Ward has officially revealed two multiplayer maps before the Beta. One of them is based on the Singapore Grand Prix. The Marina Bay Grand Prix map is a racetrack during nighttime in Asia. The developers have revealed that the map is specifically designed for the Open Beta release and that it will be a part of the Multiplayer Beta for players to enjoy.

Another map that was revealed not too long ago was Farm 18. On this map, Call of Duty has shown glimpses of Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer gameplay, gun handling, movement, and firing. Farm 18 is small compared to the other 6v6 maps in the game and is a cement factory inspired by Shoothouse map, which is a part of the franchise.

Starting September 15, players will be able to access the multiplayer betas. With PlayStation users becoming the first ones to play Modern Warfare 2, the worldwide Open Beta for all platforms will commence on September 24 and end on 26 of the same month. The game will be released on October 28 this year.

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