Musk: More ‘problems’ for Elon Musk, Twitter-parent company X Corp

Elon Musk and X Corp. — the parent company of social media platform Twitter — are facing an investigation over building code violations at the company’s San Francisco headquarters, according to a report.
Citing records with the county’s Department of Building Inspection, CNBC reported that the probe follows a lawsuit filed on May 16 by six former employees of Twitter. They allege that Musk’s “transition team” knowingly and repeatedly ordered them to make unsafe modifications to the company’s office space. These modifications broke local and federal laws.
According to the lawsuit, Musk’s management directed employees to turn the rooms in the San Francisco office into “hotel rooms.” The management reportedly lied to inspectors and the building landlord that they were just “temporary rest spaces” with some comfortable furniture added and no substantive or structural changes.
Employees told to lock ‘hotel rooms’
The lawsuit also notes that one employee was told to place locks on the “hotel room” doors that did not meet a California code according to which it is required that “locks that automatically disengage when the building’s fire suppression systems are triggered.”
The ex-Twitter employee said the “compliant locks were too expensive” so Musk instructed them to “immediately install cheaper locks that were not compliant with life safety and egress codes.” The employee quit rather than break that law.

Citing a representative for the Department of Building Inspection in San Francisco, CNBC reported that the complaint was opened Friday morning and “no further action has been taken yet.”
“We expect to reach out to building management soon. We are not speculating on future potential enforcement action,” the spokesperson was quoted as saying.
Twitter failed to pay severance
The complaint also alleged that Twitter did not pay the employees severance, back pay and benefits they were owed. The complaint also mentioned that the company discriminated against some senior employees on the basis of age, gender and sexual orientation when it decided to terminate them.

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