Nasa lets you hear how your voice will sound on Mars! Know how

Nasa Mars Perseverance rover lets you hear what your voice would sound like on the Red Planet.

Have you ever wondered, how your voice may sound in space or other planets? NASA has developed a program that can let you hear how your voice will appear on Mars. The data collected by NASA’s Perseverance rover is able to replicate how people sound on Mars. The space agency even has an online tool that allows humans to simulate how they’d sound on the red planet from their homes. All you have to do is just go to the Sounds of Mars section on NASA’s website, navigate to the “You on Mars” tab, then “click and hold the button to record your voice. Once done, download the audio file and hear how your voice sounds on Mars.

“If you were standing on Mars, you’d hear a quieter, more muffled version of what you’d hear on Earth, and you’d wait slightly longer to hear it,” wrote NASA. The US space agency has even shared some sounds that they have recorded on Earth, like whistles, bells or bird songs. But they are almost inaudible on Mars. However, humans might still sound pretty much like themselves. “If you were standing on Mars, you’d hear a quieter, more muffled version of what you’d hear on Earth,” says Nasa.

How does sound work on earth?

According to Nasa, what we hear is because of the vibration of our eardrums that comes from waves of pressure traveling to our ears from the source of the sound. Do note that sound waves need a medium to travel through, like air as well as liquids and solids. However, Mars has an unusual atmosphere with very different temperature, density, and chemistry as compared to Earth. These differences affect the sound in three ways – Sounds take longer than usual to get to our ear, second is it’s relatively lower than earth and the third difference is attenuation — a weakening of the signal at certain frequencies.

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