New reports emerge on the Young Bucks potentially expressing interest in joining WWE following AEW contract expiry

A new report has emerged pertaining to the Young Bucks‘ potential interest in switching to WWE following the expiration of their AEW deals.

It was earlier reported that the suspended AEW EVPs had sent feelers out to the rival promotion to gauge any potential interest for when their deals run through.

Fightful Select has now reported that this has been an ongoing rumor they have heard discussed among their sources for months. One source is said to have sworn that the Bucks asked to speak with management within WWE. Although this is unconfirmed, the rumor persisted for weeks.

In terms of sources close to the Young Bucks, it’s said that it hasn’t been indicated either way. Although the source is said to have been in a good position to relay such info, it was further reported by Fightful that they aren’t sure who the EVPs would have reached out to.

Another source alleged to have worked with WWE higher-ups confirmed they heard the rumor, but hadn’t asked further as they were unaware of how that would go down. Having been part of the team in 2018, the source pointed out that the Bucks had come close to signing with WWE prior to AEW’s inception in 2019.

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Apparently, they believe there would be no need for Matt and Nick Jackson to gauge interest in joining the promotion, suggesting that the Bucks were likely assessing their options in the face of potential free agency.

The AEW tag team are currently serving a suspension following All Out

The Bucks captured yet another title at Chicago’s All Out event, becoming the inaugural AEW Trios Tag Team Champions alongside their Elite partner Kenny Omega.

Their reign wasn’t a long one, however, as the titles were vacated on last week’s episode of Dynamite. This was a result of the fiery altercation between the Elite and CM Punk which broke out following All Out.

Punk aimed for the trio (alongside Hangman Page and Colt Cabana) during the post-event press conference, prompting Omega and the Jackson brothers to seek answers from the Cult of Personality. The physical altercation that followed resulted in suspensions for multiple All Elite stars, including the Trios champs.

With the titles vacated this past week, Death Triangle defeated Best Friends to become the new title-holders on Dynamite. It is unknown when and where the Bucks could return to the promotion, as their status depends on the results of the ongoing internal investigation.

Would you like to see the Young Bucks in WWE? Should they remain with AEW? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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