New Scarlet and Violet leak mentions titles of 5 Titan Pokemon

Though Pokemon Scarlet and Violet won’t be released until November 18, 2022, players have been receiving a slow trickle of information regarding the upcoming titles. Moreover, some gamers have been able to find unconfirmed leaks of upcoming Titans that are yet to be revealed by Game Freak.


While some Titans such as Klawf have already been confirmed, a Pokemon community member known as Kaka Leaks has released additional relevant information. While the Titans’ specific names haven’t been determined yet, Kaka has leaked their boss titles, which may draw attention to what kind of creatures they may be or what their general type combinations are.

Every leaked Titan title in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, according to Kaka Leaks

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet possess species that have Titan variations (Image via Game Freak)
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet possess species that have Titan variations (Image via Game Freak)

While all Pokemon leaks should be received with a healthy amount of suspicion, Kaka Leaks has been a reliable source of information within the franchise’s community. Many of their statements have already been confirmed by Game Freak through Scarlet and Violet’s trailers and website press releases.

According to their latest leak, which was captured on Reddit, there are five Titan titles in total:

  • Stony Cliff
  • Lurking Steel
  • Vast Sky
  • False Dragon (or False Dinosaur, translation is hazy)
  • Dirt/Earth Shaking


Using these leaks, Pokemon players have begun to speculate which boss titles fit which Titans. Stony Cliff has already been tied to Klawf, one of the new species featured in a Scarlet/Violet trailer. Its Titan form has been displayed, and the Stony Cliff title appeared above its health bar during a battle in the video.

Since Game Freak has released a number of new species that will be found in the Paldea region, many community members are attempting to determine which Pocket Monsters will receive Titan variants and the game’s four other leaked titles.

Sadly, there’s no way to confirm the leaks until Game Freak and Nintendo reveal more Titans, but there’s certainly no harm in theorizing. The Scarlet and Violet titles are still months away, and the developer/publisher still has plenty to unveil before the Generation IX offerings arrive.


Hopefully, the weeks leading up to the November release will clarify any confusion surrounding Kaka’s leaks. While not every piece of unofficial information will be confirmed before the games come out, it would be great for players to test its veracity before making opting for the titles. After all, the more a player knows about an upcoming product, the better informed they can be when it comes to buying it.

Until these leaks are confirmed, the game’s community will simply need to keep an eye on the franchise’s official channels and social media. All may not be revealed in due time, but surely a more accurate picture will emerge as November 18 slowly but surely approaches.

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