Ninja announces he will be streaming on all major platforms from tomorrow

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has announced that he will be returning to streaming tomorrow after taking a break last week.

The Fortnite legend stated that he will be streaming on all major platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, and even Twitter.

Took a little time off, but now I’m back…and I’ll be live EVERYWHERE tomorrow at 12CST

On September 1, 2022, Ninja abruptly ended his Twitch stream while playing Fortnite. Shortly after the incident, he tweeted that he would be taking a break from content creation.

I just need a break…I don’t know when I will be back, or where

Being one of the most recognizable gaming personalities on the planet, Ninja’s latest announcement has created a lot of buzz. With Twitch ending their exclusivity clause for the Partner Program, many expected the streamer to be the latest to jump on the YouTube bandwagon.

Why did Ninja take a break after his stream on September 1?

After failing to kill a couple of opponents who were spamming rifts in Fornite, Ninja threw in his hat and said he couldn’t take that type of behavior anymore. He stated:

“Can’t do anymore dude, I can’t… I’m f*cking sick of this, dude. I’m sick of these f*cking players spamming rifts… I’ve had enough man. I’m not even f*cking kidding dude. I’ve had enough. I’m not even… I’m leaving.”

He added:

“I’m done. In fact, honestly dude? I’m not even gonna, I’m not even gonna… I gotta take a break from streaming dude. Or I’m gonna lose my f*cking mind bro.”

After apologizing to the audience and the fellow streamers he was supposed to play with, the content creator left and announced his break shortly after.

Many believe the Fortnite star’s short-lived break is a marketing ploy before a big announcement

Ninja garnered a lot of attention during his livestream last week when he rage-quit Fortnite.

Many gaming personalities have reacted to the tweet he posted after the incident and commented on the fact that he has changed his Twitter name to “User not found.”

A lot of people believe it is all a marketing ploy to attract attention before he makes a big announcement.


While reacting to the incident, Imane “Pokimane” Anys had this to say at the one-minute five-second mark in the above clip:

“Wait, but tell me how you made a whole banner, but then you just have the egg profile and ‘User Not Found’? Someone said it’s a marketing scheme. I guess we’ll see…. I feel like he could have done all this, just not change the icon or name.”

How can he simulcast?

Ninja will now be branching out from Twitch and is expected to simulcast on different platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. The announcement comes days after users noted that he no longer had a subscribe button on his Twitch channel, which meant he had stopped being an Affiliate.

Here is the Fortnite star’s partner and business manager explaining how he can pull off livestreaming on different platforms:

First one to do it. Always pioneering. Fortunate enough to be in a situation where we don’t need to be tied down and can put viewers first. Watch where you want. Excited to see who else follows! We also want your feedback on what platforms you’re enjoying watching on the most!…

We also have worked on user experience already. Of course we will see if it actually pans out, but there’s a great program we are using that shows all chatters in one place and has their site logo (YT, twitch, etc) next to their name so Tyler knows where they’re chatting from.

Tyler is obviously no longer partnered on twitch, hence no checkmark. No subs, no ads (at all) to my knowledge when you’re not an affiliate or partner which is a big W. But Sadge for the long ninja subs and their streaks. ☹️ I was at like 80+ months.

“LFG”: Twitter reactions

Many fans were happy with Ninja’s latest announcement. However, some had questions about how the streams will work and whether the distribution of the audience to separate platforms will adversely affect the streamer’s ability to interact with chat.

Here are some reactions to the announcement:


@Ninja Bro is about to get stream sniped on every platform 😂LET’S GOOOO!

@Ninja Every platform hoping other streamers don’t do the same 😂 about to be making WAVES in the streaming world

@Ninja God’s not finished today 🙏🔥

@Ninja Will you still be mainly on twitch? How will that work with people’s comments? Like subs on twitch, insta, fb. How will you acknowledge everybody?

@Ninja Curious as to how you will read 7 different chats?

@Ninja twitch ban speed run. i love it

@Ninja How’s this even possible? Thought twitch didn’t allow streaming on YouTube, let alone monitoring all chats at once

@Ninja Interesting turn of events guessing he going to be paid mostly by donor , sponsors , patreon and whatever else he makes from. Bold strategy being self reliant so he can have less strict rules on where he can stream and make content. Let’s see if he sticks with it.

@Ninja wait, twitch is allowing you to stream to other big platforms at the same time but others cant O.o

Only time will tell if the 31-year-old’s strategy works out. Until then, fans can look forward to watching the streamer on any one of the announced platforms on September 9, 2022.

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