Nokia’s new subscription service wants you to go green

Nokia wants users to keep using their phones more than they usually do. HMD Global, the company that holds the license to manufacture and sell Nokia phones, has introduced a new subscription service, Circular, rewarding customers with some green credentials to save its phones from ending up in landfills.
With Circular, Nokia will reward its users with eco-points or, as the company prefers to call it, the “Seeds of Tomorrow.” The longer a user holds on to their phone, the more credits they earn, and use them to support different causes like planting trees, cleaning rivers or donating phones to those who cannot afford one. A win-win situation for everyone, says Nokia.
“We are taking full responsibility for the entire lifecycle of our phones,” says Florian Seiche, CEO of HMD Global. ”
How much will you pay for the subscription service?
The subscription costs between €12 and €30 per month, depending on what phone you want, and there is also a one-time setup fee of €30 on every phone. One can choose to have either of the four phones — Nokia G60 5G, Nokia X30 5G, Nokia XR 20 and Nokia T10.
You don’t need to pay the full price of the phone; you only need to pay the monthly subscription cost, and Nokia leases out the phone to you. If you do not like the phone you chose, you can get a different one. However, some charges are involved, which reduce as you use the phone. If you ask for a change after a year, you will have to pay half of that charge, and after the third year, there are no charges for change. Moreover, Nokia will also replace the phone if you damage it or it gets stolen.
Once the phone returns to Nokia after a user changes it with some other model or the subscription ends, the company refurbishes the phone and reuses or recycles it. Nokia says that it will donate phones that will be more than three years old but in working condition to those who cannot afford one.
Initially, the Circular will be available for customers in UK and Germany. We do not know if the service will be made available in India, but Nokia says it plans to expand the service to other markets in the future.

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