Now you can easily add emojis to Google Docs, here’s how

Google added emoji reactions to Google Docs in April this year. Now the company has announced a new shortcut which will enable users to easily insert an emoji while writing. With this new feature, users will no longer have to copy and paste the icons from other places in the document.
“Building upon the recently announced emoji reaction feature, you can now express yourself in a new way by searching for and inserting emojis directly in line with your text in Google Docs,” Google said in a blog post.
Users can very easily add an emoji directly in line with the text in Google Docs. In order to use the feature, users will have to type ‘@’ followed by a descriptor, such as ‘@smile’.

Users can also access the dropdown list of emojis and the option to navigate the entire catalogue of emojis by typing ‘@:’ or ‘:’. The company has started a gradual rollout of this new feature and it is expected to be available for everybody in the next 15 days.
Recently, Google introduced a new feature for Docs. With this new feature, you can assign a checklist item to yourself or a colleague that will then show up in the assignee’s Tasks list. When edits are made to an assigned item in Tasks, such as a change to the title, due date or completion state, those updates will show in the Doc, and vice versa.

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