Raven Software may reduce the loadout prices in Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone developer Raven Software recently posted a poll on Twitter that asked players about their opinion about lowering the price of the Loadout Drops, which are also deemed to be the most expensive purchase from the game’s Buy Stations. The final results of the poll on Raven Software’s official Twitter page revealed that almost 75% of the players want the developer to reduce the price on loadout drops.
The Twitter post reveals that 20,727 votes have been cast during the poll. The overpowering response indicates the possibility of Raven Software introducing the prospective change in the upcoming days.

Raven Software’s Twitter poll has addressed the response to the Titanium Trials: Endurance mode that coincided with the Terminator crossover. In this mode, the Loadout Drops at Buy Stations are initially quite expensive, however, the prices got cheaper as the match goes by.

The developer wants to ditch the first part and make Loadout drops cheaper in every section of the game’s classic battle royale mode, reports Comicbook.com.
Why the developer may reduce the loadout prices in Warzone
The developer’s recently released patch notes say that Season Five will be “the final season for Call of Duty: Warzone.” So, Raven Software might use the reduction of Loadout prices as the last chance to attract players to the final season as they look forward to the upcoming Warzone 2 release which is also not far away, the report suggests.

Activision has already scheduled the Warzone 2 reveal event for September 15. Raven Software is also likely to acknowledge the inevitable results of the Twitter poll and announce its decision soon.

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