Redmi 6A explosion kills woman, claims YouTuber; Xiaomi investigating incident

A woman allegedly lost her life after her Redmi 6A smartphone exploded. A YouTuber named MD Talk YT claimed on Twitter that his aunt was found dead after her Redmi 6A phone exploded. He claimed that she had kept the phone near her face on a pillow while sleeping when the blast happened. He has also shared the pictures of the smartphone that burst. The images show the front panel completely damaged, the back panel shows the smartphone’s burnt and swollen battery. The tweet also has the image of the woman, which shows her lying in a pool of blood on a bed.
@RedmiIndia @manukumarjain @s_anuj Yesterday in Night my Aunty found dead 😭, she was using Redmi 6A, she was sleeping & she kept the phone near her face on pillow side & after sometime her phone blast. It’s a bad time for us. It’s a responsibility of a brand to support,” tweeted MD Talk YT.

Xiaomi’s response
Xiaomi has responded to the tweet saying that it is investigating the matter. “At Xiaomi India, customer safety is of utmost importance and we take such matters extremely seriously. At this point, our team is trying to get in touch with the affected family, and determine the cause of the incident. We stand with the family in this time of difficulty and hope to support them in any way possible,” reads the response tweet from Xiaomi India support page.
The YouTuber has also asked the government and mobile manufacturers to implement robust safety standards for mobile phones that can help avery such incidents in the future. “And aggrieved family has asked government /mobile manufacturers to implement robust safety standards and conduct thorough testing before releasing a phone so that people do not suffer and lose their lives @cmohry @jagograhakjago,” he wrote in another tweet.
It is not clear if an FIR has been filed in the case or not.
Not the first case of smartphone explosion
This is not the first time that a smartphone has exploded. Last year, a OnePlus Nord 2 user had claimed that his phone exploded while on a call causing severe harm to his face. In August 2021, the newly-launched OnePlus Nord 2 is said to have exploded in the sling bag of a user while on a bike ride. In 2019, a man in Andhra Pradesh claimed that his Redmi 9A phone exploded in his pocket.

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