Reels in Review 2022 – Here are the top trends on Reels in India

Meta has released its annual report, focusing on Reels, detailing the top trends on its platforms for the year. The report, titled “Reels in Review,” shows the increasing popularity of cricketers such as Surya Kumar Yadav and musicians like Shubh, as well as the enthusiasm for films like “Bhediya” and upcoming releases like “Pathaan,” and songs like “Kesariya” and “Kacha Badam.”
Since its launch in 2020, Reels has transformed how people consume and create content on Instagram and Facebook. The annual report showcases the trends, topics, and moments that captivated India in 2022 and those that are generating excitement for the coming year.
Popular and Growing Interests on Reels
Virat Kohli remains a popular topic on reels, but there is also increasing interest in Surya Kumar Yadav. Musician Shubh has also gained popularity on reels, as he has seen significant growth in hashtags compared to last year.
Films and television series have had a significant impact on popular culture, as people shared their enthusiasm for content such as “Bhediya,” “Family Guy,” “Ek Villain Returns,” “Naagin 6,” “Vikram,” “Mismatched Season 2,” and the upcoming “Pathaan.”
Sports have been a popular and expanding area of interest, particularly with the recent completion of the ICC Men’s Cricket T20 World Cup and the Qatar World Cup. In India, over 1 million reels on Instagram were created related to the ICC T20 World Cup.
Music on Reels
Music has been a major driving force for trends on reels on both Instagram and Facebook, both in the form of pre-existing tracks and original audio. Of the top 20 most frequently used songs on Instagram reels worldwide, 15 were from Indian artists.
Some of the most popular songs on reels on Instagram and Facebook among all age groups include “Srivalli” by Javed Ali and “Baarish Main Tum” by Neha Kakkar. Other popular tracks include “Kesariya” by Pritam, Arijit Singh, and Amitabh Bhattacharya, “Gypsy” by G.D. Kaur, the KGF 2 theme song, and “Jhoom” by Ali Zafar. Retro music such as “Tumsa Koi Pyaara” and original audio like “Kacha Badam” have also been popular on reels.
AR Effects On Reels
People have used a variety of augmented reality (AR) effects in their reels, particularly when sharing their interests and incorporating music. Some of the most popular AR effects used include”Enhance,” “All Soften”, and “Smoke Flare VR.”

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