Search on 22 event: Every new feature that’s coming to Google Search

Google just concluded its Search on 22 event where the company showcased new features and improvements related to search along with updates for Maps and other services. The search engine giant has announced a host of new features, upgrades and changes to improve search. Here’s a list of all the new search features that Google showcased at the event.
New Shortcuts to get results faster
Google is banking big on making search better and faster. To do this, Google has introduced new shortcuts for various Search tools users may need right below the Search bar in Google app. This includes options for shopping, translating, identifying music or image search in the camera roll and more. The feature is now rolling out on the Google app for iOS.

Improved query formation for a better search experience
Google Search is already pretty great at catching up on what users are trying to search by offering predictive suggestions and multiple queries. Google is taking that forward. Google, in the coming months, will start showing content as users are typing. This way users can get results faster.
Apart from this, Google Search will also receive a new better search query formation option with the new keyword selection to reduce the time and effort of typing in the full query.

Visual improvements
To help users find results faster, Google has revamped the search results and how the results are displayed. For starters, the search results won’t be limited to texts. Google will now show content, images and videos from different and relevant sources in search results. Also, Google has confirmed that they have also worked on bringing more relevant information to the top.

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