Some Pixel 6 users facing battery drain issue after Android 13 update

It has not been long since Google released the Android 13 update for the Pixel smartphones. The Android 13 promises to have fixed 150 and more issues with the Pixel smartphones, but it may have also introduced some. Many users have reported issues with RCS and wireless charging on their Pixel 6 soon after updating to Android 13. In addition, some of the Pixel 6 users who updated to Android 13 are now reporting increased battery drainage on their handsets.
A number of Pixel 6 users are complaining of severe battery drainage on Google’s support forum, while some took their complaints to Twitter. One such post, marked as a “trending issue,” highlights what has been going wrong with the phone since the update.
As we understand, the update only affects the battery life on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, as we did not find any complaints for other compatible Pixel smartphones.
As per user complaints, the battery drains quickly, lasting less than the expected time shown in the settings. Some complaints note that the battery drain has even increased in the idle situation. Meanwhile, users say that they tried killing background apps, switching from 90Hz to 60Hz and even turning off the always-on display, but nothing seems to be helping.
Google still has not acknowledged the issue so far. However, one forum member says that the company has contacted them for additional details and bug reports. So, Google seems to be figuring out what went wrong and might fix the issue soon, but we do not know how soon.

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